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Free Screen Sharing

Free screen sharing is the latest feature introduced to This feature provides each host with the ability to share their computer screen during their live conference calls.  To use the free screen sharing feature, make sure to provide your meeting participants with the meeting link. The meeting link is located under the conference credentials box in the top left corner of the web interface, once logged in. At the scheduled date and time of your meeting, each participant will dial-in to the conference call and click on the meeting link from their computer in order to view the host screen. The meeting host will also dial-in by phone and login, in order to begin the meeting by selecting the Start Meeting button from the Screen Sharing tab located on the right hand side of their web interface.

The following features are provided when hosting online meetings using free screen sharing with

  • Desktop Sharing-allows the meeting host to share their complete desktop or only selected items with their participants during a live meeting
  • Select Items to Share-allows the meeting host to select which items or applications to share or hide during their live meeting
  • Switch Presenter-allows the meeting host to have another presenter share their screen during a live meeting
  • Take Back Control-allows the meeting host to return control from another presenter at anytime during a live meeting
  • Chat-allows the meeting host and participants to send online messages during a live meeting

The free screen sharing feature is available at all times and may be used at your discretion. To access this feature, login to your account and locate the ‘Screen Sharing’ tab on the right hand side of your web interface or Conference View page.

For user guides, FAQs and instructions please refer to the Support and FAQs pages. For live support, please contact our Customer Service Department at (844) 844-1322/1-562-437-1411 if calling outside of the U.S. For email inquiries, please email