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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this service and how does it work?
This service is a free conference calling service utilizing any telephone. It allows you to connect with multiple people for free by dialing the conference number and using the access code provided upon registration to talk to all callers invited to the conference call.
What can I use this service for?
This service is great for personal, business and community needs. For example, family conversations, sales meetings and community board meetings.
Can I use Skype to call in?
Yes, simply add ‘freeconferencing’ as a contact to your Skype account. At the scheduled time of the conference, select the contact and click the dial button from your Skype window. When prompted use the keypad to enter the access code and you will be connected to the conference call.
Do you offer screen sharing tools like Webex and GotoMeeting?
Yes, our free screen sharing tools are available with each account allowing the host to share their computer screen during any conference call.
What are the costs involved in a FreeConferencing account?
Only normal long distance charges by each caller's carrier apply. There will be no bill or charges from FreeConferencing.com for this service.
Is this a "Free Trial" or limited time offer?
No, we intend on offering this service on a continual basis.
How do I setup a free conference call?
Notify your participants of the date and time for your free conference call and provide them with the conference dial-in number and participant access code. At the scheduled time of the conference call, everyone dials in and once connected the conference call begins.
Do I need to reserve a time for the conference call?
No, there are no reservations required for this service. This conferencing service is available to you 24/7.
How many callers can be in a single conference call?
The maximum is 1,000 callers and there is no required minimum number of callers.
Is there a limit on the length of a conference call?
6 hours per conference call, including recording, and there is no limit on how many hours you wish to conference each month.
Can I record my conference calls?
Yes, please see the instruction provided upon registration to record your conference calls for free.
Will I receive a call detail report?
Yes, our system will email you a detailed report of all callers that joined your conference call and how long they were all the line.

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